Friday, September 14, 2012


oh my goodness!
happy friday indeed!!!!
our first week in the new house and boy am i tired!
thanks for putting up with my delay in responses!!!

ok so on to my top five of the week!!!

[1]i went to half price books to sell back and i found a whole shelf of texas cookbooks....heaven.

[2]we are redoing our kitchen and got to pick our specific slab this week! super fun!!! i am def rocking the orange vest!!!

[3]i got these bad boys in the mail this week. seriously. knotieties are amazing. just amazing! i'm already rocking them!!!! check them out here

[4]we went to the pottery barn/west elm outlet for some awesome kitchen furniture and man did we score big. first off its all about 50% off. second off we get to take it home right away. third off its like a game to find some goodies!!! and we did! we got a kitchen table and found an ottoman to match our chair we got from west elm....the one i wanted but didn't want to pay full price for. awesome!!! in love!!! and it was like a jigsaw getting it all back!

[5]i'm loving spending all this time with my sweeties! they are officially at home in their new home!

have a fab weekend lovelies!!!


  1. Ooo fun! I love furniture shopping, even better when you get a good deal!

  2. Okay I've heard about these knotities. What's the advantage of them??