Thursday, September 6, 2012

H54F: Home Edition

ok so i know you guys are prob at your limit of me talking about my house....
it's so new and shiny to me...
so give me a few more weeks ;)
and i'll get back to different things!!!!

[1]we officially move in on saturday but have been taking stuff over each day...
me and nugget headed out with our first load!!!

[2]i had to take little nugget to the vet this week for her 6mo appt and she was being so cute...aka scared as h***
poor baby

[3]home depot is my new best friend...except at 10pm when i am exhausted and military man can't decide which tool he should get...
i thought these were cool...i want the axe!

[4]while unpacking my bathroom stuff...i realized i might have too much nail polish....don't judge...i totally did when i saw my collection!
...never too much...

[5]it's friday which means another three day weekend with military man!!! heck yeah :)

happy weekend yall


  1. oh please you have a ways to go before hitting too much! trust me… i hit it last month!

  2. Keep talking about your house! We bought ours two years ago and I still haven't finished decorating. Maybe you'll inspire me. And no, never too much nail polish!