Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little blogging recharge

Hello all you Wright Stuff readers! My name is Dalayna, and I blog over at Pointing Up. My blog is just about life, whatever that looks like for that day. d: But in all things, I want my life to point to Christ, and in the same way I pray my blog does the same. Let's be honest, in myself I have nothing to offer anyone, but if my life offers and directs people to Christ I have given them everything. Okay, enough of the not-so-short bio.

Today I am going to blog about blogging. Haha, great idea right? But really, I have not been seriously blogging for that long... I started getting serious about it in May of this year I believe, so I still consider myself a newbie. Why I blog... hmmm, I guess because I want to! I started blogging because I saw the potential to {interact, learn, have fun, be creative, and hopefully have some sort of impact on people}. I have had lots of {interaction}. I have loved getting to know wonderful ladies and read super great blogs, much like Kristen's I might add. I have {learned} a lot of fun fashion, craft, and recipes. I have experimented with different looks and hairstyles. I have had lots of {fun}! I feel like I have gotten to {be creative} and gotten lots of inspiration from other blogs. Had an {impact} on lives? I am not quite sure, but I hope so. I have enjoyed all of these things! But lately I have felt like blogging has been more work than fun. Up until now I have just done blogging out of my heart and expression. I wanted to do it, I looked forward to working on the blog. However for this last week that has just not been the case. Maybe it was due to business, but I was in some sort of a funk. I barely blogged at all last week let alone went searching and reading around other blogs. I didn't want to do it. It just felt like one more thing on my list that I had to do. Here's the truth, I don't ever want to feel obligated to blog, I want it to just come up out of me. I want it to be fun and energizing, not stressful and dragging. Obviously when you feel that way it is going to be apparent to all of your readers, so I stepped away. I didn't make myself do anything with it. I took a break hoping my love would come alive and come out even more creatively than before. And I am excited and pleased to say I believe that it has worked. I have learned something about blogging and life in general through this little experience. We all need to be renewed and refreshed. Hello! That's why God created the system of the weekends! lol But really, who wants to go through life hating all of their obligations? Their jobs, their families, school... they can all be overwhelming from time to time. Rather than killing ourselves when we are empty of inspiration and have nothing to give, take a break. Renew. Refresh. Get filled up and fueled up. Now I know that you can't just peace out of work, school, or family, but you can take an hour, afternoon, day, weekend, and just be free. Find your passion and joy again. Blogging is the same way. Don't blog and post and tweet out of obligation to your readers. Just like you wouldn't drive your car on empty because you were obligated to be somewhere, don't pour out ideas, words of advice, fashion tips when YOU are running on "E." Take time away and let the ideas and creativity just spill out.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you Kristen for letting me share and meet some of your readers! 


  1. This is amazing! Bloggy breaks are necessary to refuel & recharge - same as anything you will get burnout if you try to do it all the time, every one needs a breather now and then! :-)

  2. I am a newbie too! This is great advice. I had not honestly thought about taking a break every now and then. I want to encourage you, because I think you are doing a fantastic job! It's been so wonderful to get to know followers of Christ from all over the place. Have a great day!!!

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  4. Just found you through the blog hop! Love your cute blog! I am a new follower. Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)