Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

it's first monday to be on the subbing line!
no calls is the first week of school though...
hoping for a few calls over the next few weeks to get my feet wet!!! we random ramblings...

[1]i made these awesome cookies yesterday and i'm in love!!! they were soooo delicious...had to send them to work with military man to save my waistline! they were monster cookies!

[2]saturday night one of military man's co-wokers had everyone over and we had such a blast! got to meet lots of his work people and their spouses...can't wait to get to know them even better!

[3]last week i didn't do a great job at making it to the gym...made it yesterday and it felt great!

[4]tomorrow is the first ever loving lately link up party!!! i'm soooo excited to see what everyone posts about!! i'm so luck to have three awesome ladies (carly, niki, and rachel) to co-host with!!!

[5]we officially get to start moving in 10 days...not that i'm excited or anything!

[6]my goal for the day is to get through all of my blog comment emails!!! i love getting those emails and always try to email back each of you lovelies!!! I usually am about 5 days behind!!! let's see if i can change that!

[7]sometimes i am just in awe at a person's strength and's awe inspiring!

that is all for today!

let the week be ever in your favor!!!


  1. At least you paired your monster cookie with a workout! I would've just eaten the cookie. And kept them for myself! :)

  2. That cookies looks good! I know how it is about getting behind on email can be in way over your head before you know it!

  3. I will definitely be linking up! Oh your cookies look great- they look like the Keebler's soft cookies which are my favorite thing ever. You may need to share that recipe! :)