Monday, August 6, 2012

it's monday already...wowza

not having a job makes the days meld together.
i always look forward to my weekends when military man is off work knowing that after this year, i won't see him a ton for four years. thanks residency! i took the weekend off from any real technology and it felt really good. i feel energized and am ready for the week ahead...even though i don't have big plans... my week consists of one lunch date, baking dad cookies for the big bday, and working out. pretty nice week if i must say so myself!!!

miscellaneous mondays and my random thoughts kindof comes hand in hand. i'm very add and therefore tend to get distracted easily and have random thoughts daily. in fact one of my best friends texted me a pic of a list of random things i said one night in college. it was hilarious! so without further ado...

[1]i love getting to know new parts of san antonio. downtown they have renovated an old brewery and a part of the riverwalk. its gorgeous and the restaurants are top notch!!!

[2]i finally went to see batman this weekend and was not disappointed! it was amazing. prob one of my new all time favorite movies. but i've been a christian bale fan ever since i was a kid and watched little women. laury....

[3]i love kolaches. sweet/savory. love them. and san antonio has a new legit kolache shop that we tried this weekend and i've so excited about it!!! especially since its 5 min from the new house. waistline-watchout!!! 

[4]i got my knotieties in on friday and bounced back to my house and ripped open the package. too bad i wasn't excited about them... yeah. they haven't left my wrist since. they are fo-sheezy i need them in every color. and so do you!!!

[5]i have two posts for the week on my two swaps i did. i loved all the goodies i got and can't wait to share them with you!!!!

[6]i've already expressed my love for the public library but my wallet is loving it now too! i've officially read five books since last week!!! 

[7]i am freaking out that the kids school year starts back in THREE weeks and i still don't have a full time teaching position. it looks like a year of subbing may be in my future. not my first choice, but it'll help get my foot in the door. please pray for my stress levels!!!

[8]i hit my goal last week of working out!!! worked out five days and it felt good! i hate going to the gym. never have liked it. but i feel like a million bucks when i leave and i feel so much better the weeks i work out. so i may hate it but i'm beginning to love it too...

[9]i tried a new drink this weekend and am officially hooked! its a michilada and it was delicious! i love bloody mary's and this has the spice of a bm! yum-o!

[10]i'm cooking up a few new dinners this week. hope they taste as good as they look!!!

go out there and conquer the week my friends!!!

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  1. I've never heard of kolaches... They look so delicious I need to try them!!!

  2. one of my best friend's lives in san antonio and she's been bugging me for a visit. I'll have to let you know if I make it down there so we can meet up! Your knotieties are super cute! Have a great week!

  3. Haha! Ashley texted you a list too!! Sadly all of my comments were relevant to ones I still consistently make! Number one would have to be asking a million times a day, "where's my phone?!"!

  4. Hey there! Stopping by from mingle Monday! I've never heard of kolaches...but I have a feeling I would like them. Great blog!

  5. Hey there! Stopping by from mingle Monday! I've never heard of kolaches...but I have a feeling I would like them. Great blog!