Friday, August 10, 2012


another week gone 
another week closer to moving into our house
next week i'm planning on a few get to know me posts...
i want to make sure to keep fresh in blogging and i'm feeling that i need a little more than just my usual posts for this next week...
plus i have officially hit over 100 followers! thank you thank you thank you! and i want yall to get to know me better! and i love getting to know you so feel free to email and comment away!!!

[my top five this week]

[1]i added an extra bit to my workout this week and i'm loving it! i'll be doing a whole post on it next week!

[2]found a new favorite place to eat here. cosi. to die for food and all very health conscious. they give lots of options too!

[3]these gorgeous bracelets came in this week and i am more in love with them every time i look at them! chloe vs tank is a must have!!!

[4]this pic is one of the worst i've taken but i had to post because it was delicious! i made quinoa and black bean lettuce wraps for dinner this week. huge hit and super filling and packed with good stuff!

[5]i found this granola at whole foods this week. its fantastic and goes great in my coconut granola. 

stay tuned for a week of getting to know me!

ps i know i said i'd host a giveaway at 100...but since i've had two giveaways the last two weeks...i want to hold off a little and not bombard all at once! i'm going to wait till 150 i think...we will see! if you are still itching to get some goodies, i am taking part if a big giveaway at texas lovebirds so check it out!


  1. I love those bracelets!!! Where are they from?

  2. Those bracelets are beautiful!! You will have to post your recipe for the Black Bean Wraps, they look delicious. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the bracelets!! I want one from Amanda so bad...I wanted to buy one Wednesday but she sold out of the color I wanted! Your lettuce wraps look delicious..I want to make those! Happy weekend!