Friday, August 24, 2012

H54F: Last Week of Freedom

boy. this week seemed long.
maybe it was just because i was on an emotional roller coaster for a few days...
well this is my last week of no work so i tried to enjoy it to it's fullest!!!
here's my top five for the week:

[1]they say God works in mysterious ways....well i'm thankful for that! i got a call sunday night for an interview at a district for monday...i immediately thought they had a last minute opening for the school year (starting next week)...i was ecstatic...come to find out they just get everyone pre-interviewed for when a slot comes available...i was heartbroken :(...but as i said God WORKS and he opened up another door. while i was there i was able to get set up for a sub spot and get into an early orientation..which is 2 months before any other district. i'm so happy about this! subs work pretty much every day here and now i know i have something to help out! my prayers were answered...not in my dream way...but in HIS dream way!
{prepping my subbing least some of my stuff gets used}

[2]i got to meet up with three friends this week!!! my usual coffee date with elizabeth...dinner with a dental school friend...and lunch today with my friend jelly!!! (we tried to find the food trucks to go today and apparently they only do dinner here...hoity toity! i might have made those words up)

[3]i tried elf beauty products from my mascara and lipgloss swap stuff and really liked after reading another review by fabulous but evil...i decided to try out a few new items!!! i'll review them after a few tries...but all three of these items for $3 only...yeah pretty awesome! i got a liquid liner (which reminds me of the one purple one i got in my first birchbox), eyelid primer, and shine control sheets!!!!

[4]this is my last week to spend my whole week with my pups all day...and my inlaws two i tried to catch a few more pics!!! please excuse my awful looking just woke up pics!!!
{my big mama is such a cuddle bug and baby. all 50 lbs}

{little nugget all curdled up} 

{inlaws big dog left, our big dog right...this is the closest they get to each other...they 100% ignore the other...guess its ok to be next to each other if it involves getting pet!!!}

[5]i made a new recipe this week for salsa verde turkey burgers and it was delicious! i was craving my families recipe for baked i made those too!! it was stick to your bones goodness!

go out and smell the roses people!!!
love yall!

p.s. i am co-hosting a new blog hop for tuesday's called loving lately!! get tuesday is our first one!!!



  1. Congrats on getting a sub position! Those beans look so good!

  2. Yay!! Have fun subbing! You will be awesome! Found you from H5FF! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. love elf makeup!

    Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!