Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get to know...Anika!!

My little blog is over here.
I'm a Momma to a toddler monster boy. I am married to my HS sweetheart and live in the burbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love to be one with nature {camp}, play with my mann's {fish}, capture people at their best, and sometimes not their best {take pics}. I am silly, I am a little nerdy, and I love chinese food {no, i'm not Chinese}. I over-use smileys, the term "lol" "omg" and "wtf". I also have dry skin. :)

I'm super pumped to be able to guest post for Kristen!
It's always fun to be able to write on someone else's page! :)
So THANK YOU to Kristen for giving me this fun opportunity!!!

It's always somewhat self-discovering when I answer questions for guests posts, sponsor stuff, etc. 
Here were the questions Kristen had for me:

what are the top five things someone should know about you?
i to take pictures, including pictures of my food and little, unimportant things
if you don't like your picture taken & wanna hang with me, get over it :)
i my kid. a lot. i blog about him. a lot. {but other fun stuff, too!}
i sometimes have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, but i try my very best to return tweets, texts, emails, comments, etc.!!!! it bugs the crap out of me when people do not respond!!
i to laugh. at myself, at the world, at my kid, at life.
i music and think everyone should have a soundtrack to their lives

what got you into blogging?
Initially. It was my boyfriend at the time. He pretty much introduced me to the entire world of computers and all the fun they hold. Ironically, he doesn't have a blog anymore, but he does have a photography page. Check his stuff out HERE.

what is your biggest tip to a new blogger?
Be yourself.
There is a lot to blogging and the blog world. a lot, a lot!!
And it is so easy to get swept under and tossed & turned around in the sea of giveaways, link-ups, blog hops, etc. Those are awesome and super fun, but it can take away from you and your blog. Stay true to yourself and what you want your blog to be like and you will be just fine. And you will hopefully stay more sane that way, too. :)

what would be your go to, can't live without, makeup item?
Interesting question. I just recently got into makeup more and now I have a handful of items that are daily must-haves. If I had to choose one.... I would have to say lip gloss!!!!! I have quite a few different ones, I usually have glossy lips and think it can make or break a face. :)

if you could be any age forever, what age would you be and why?
I think this is a good age right now. {I'm the dirty thirty}
I am past the twenties stage, the crazy party stage {although i still like to relive that from time to time...}, have a beautiful Son, and still have the energy and motivation to enjoy life and have dreams about my future. 
{i will admit after seeing the most recent Twilight, i wouldn't mind becoming a vamp and staying the same age for eternity...but yeah, it's unnatural, i know. :-P}

if you had to describe yourself through your favorite stores, what would they be?
This question is SUPER interesting!!!! My favorite stores are Target and Francesca's. So...Target is fun and reasonably priced {i'm a real bargain...lol, cheap date ;)}, and who doesn't love Target??? hahaha
Francesca's has fun clothes!!! Somewhat girly, somewhat trendy, super cute ;) ... this question is a toughie. haha

THANKS again to KRISTEN for having me!!!
Hope y'all have a great day!!!!


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  5. Great getting to know you, Anika! You are def scatter brained but also wonderfully focused :)