Thursday, August 16, 2012

CCT: What's in my bag?

don't you ever wonder what's in someone's make up bag??
i do!!!
it's kindof a way into their life..
well my makeup bag is usually left of the countertop
opened and all...
here's what i keep in my bag!!!

What's in My Bag?

i love love love my smashbox limitless lipgloss and eyeshadow. (thank you af base for carrying designer makeup for a discounted price!!!) its amaaazing!!! i'm not a big foundation/powder girl, just a little will do. my bronzer is my all over color and go to blush. i was in a bind and ran out so the grocery store was my go to and i'm loving this revlon color! mascara....tried the expensive stuff and i keep coming back to loreal volumous. same thing with my eye liner-covergirl click pen black onyx. still the best. my makeup bag is a different style vera bradley bag, which prob needs to be replaced....its had a share of travel and looks a little worn out. hence why you aren't seeing the real deal here! and of course i have my roberto cavalli perfume at hand!!! my dad is super allergic to perfume so growing up i couldn't ever wear any...not biggie but it is fun to spritz it on as long as the parents aren't in town visiting!! :) benefit boi-ing has been my go to concealer for years and i won't switch for a while!!!

what's your favorite??? any suggestions on new eye shadows??


  1. Oh I wish I had a cute makeup bag. Mine is kind of boring. I love to see people wear eyeshadow but I don't wear it myself. So sorry that you couldn't wear perfume growing up! I probably wear too much. Ha ha!

  2. Awesome post! I"ve been thinking about doing one like this. Maybe soon!

    Cute blog! Here from the GFC hop!