Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday FUNday: kitchen

happy sunday friends!
sunday FUNday should be celebrated everywhere!!!

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for the next few months i think i'm going to be making my sunday post dedicated to the house. we have some small diy things we are wanting to do once we move in and of course want to decorate and replace/add some new furniture! 
first off we want to redo some of the kitchen.
the whole house has really been renovated to modern style but the kitchen. at least to what we like it hasn't. plus the oven currently is 50 degrees off...BIG problem for mrs. baker here!!!

so here's what it looks like now

it's not bad. we just want to make it our own i guess!

things we like: fixtures, cabinet style, wall color, and floor color
things we want to change: cabinet color, countertops, backsplash, and find a fridge to fit the space!

here's our inspiration:
love the dark wood with light countertops.
we are planning on resurfacing the cabinets ourselves and getting someone to place silestone counters on everything but the island.

i love the farmhouse sinks! thank goodness these are sold at normal places like loews and home depot!!

we want to put a butcher block on the island. different but we really like it. also can be found at loews/home depot!

and just for kicks and giggles
some dream home kitchens



dream big i guess!!
happy sunday FUNday yall!!


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