Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday FUNday: The chaos we live in

next weekend we are helping move my sil into her new place and it made me think about our current living situation. we are living with my inlaws until we close on our home and move in september. which means we went from a 1700 sq ft home in arizona to one room at their home. (yes we do have most of our stuff in storage) its a great cost saver and has gone by so fast. with that being said, i thought it would be fun to document this craziness so we never forget this experience. don't judge. just laugh and appreciate the chaotic mess!

here's our bedroom. we share with our two dogs. notice the bathroom counter....ugh so much stuff! the corner with all my teaching stuff piled up. the dresser that is my office and jewelry stand. and the nice laundry baskets just chillin in the room! 

this is the second bedroom at their house which is our closet and pantry storage! my sil comes in town every few months and has to sleep in this room! i feel bad but what can we do!

and my favorite part. my office/desk. some of you may call this a bed...i call it my workspace! lovely isn't it! it sure is comfy! 

hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into our lives right now!

happy sunday!

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  1. We lived with my in laws for three months too while our house was being built. It was fine but I hear you on the lack of space! And it was the summer before I started my teaching job so I was home hanging out in our one bedroom "home" all day!

  2. I think a lot of people at some point have to move back in with their parents, even for a short amount of time. September is right around the corner! Hang in there and soon you'll have your space!