Monday, July 9, 2012

Media Monday

it's monday! 
start to birthday week for me.
this is a serious holiday,
at least i wish it was!!
anywho...i've decided to add a new
link up to my monday
time to share what media you've been into lately!!!

linked up here

been listening to this loveliness on pandora.
forgot how much his music uplifts and awakens me!!
i went to the church he started in waco and have missed their
services and music ever since.

friday night we went to see savages.
we personally loved it. way different than i was expecting but amazing none-the-less. but i have a major love for blake lively and taylor kitsch. thank you friday night lights and GG. (secret) i'm a tv show junkie and i'm proud of it!

saturday night we watched the second.
always love me some sherlock and some downey!!!

finished the infamous fifty shades. love. just love.
first book was....interesting. but once i got past that part, the story of saving a man's soul was beyond addicting and mesmorizing. needing a new series or single to read. any suggestions?

this morning i found this laying gloriously on the kitchen table.
beyond excited! was thinking my subscriptions had been lost through the move. in college i had a major cooking magazine obsession. now i only subscribe to two: simple&delicious and rachael ray. i got a deal for four years $20 for both. not to bad.


from my grey desk and the small things blog have opened up and inspired me in so many ways. if you are in need of some cute and budget friendly outfit inspiration, they are both amazing. if you need a new hair style and are a basic like me....TSTB has over 40 tutorials. if you just need something to read to bring some sunshine in your on. they are sisters which makes them similar and different and amazing fun.

enjoy the media out there.
we sure can't escape it!!!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! These are great! I am obsessed with all things Robert Downey Jr - SH2 is one of my favorites!! Also 50 Shades of Grey! I love how the story progesses! I could talk about it forever haha!


  2. Thanks for linking up! I am on the second book of 50 shades and love it so far!