Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Birchbox Review

its here! its here!
my first birchbox!
and let me just say i was more than impressed.
now i know every month may not be as great...
but for $10 a mo....not to bad. not to bad.

i'm linking up here for a review of my goodies

isn't she a beauty!!!

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in purple. i am NOT good at eyeliner and have used the same thing for years. so when i got purple and liquid, i was slightly scared and intrigued...i love it. it goes on so easily and looks great. you can't really tell it's purple. it looks a little lighter than my usual black which is a nice change! bottom line...i WILL buy this again.

alterna bamboo uv+ color protection fade proof fluid. whew thats a long one! ok....i haven't tried it yet but i am so excited to! i just haven't been in the sun for an extended amount of time and want to save my sample for the real deal!!!! with this summer heat in texas, i'm sure i'll spend a sunny day outside soon!

color club nail polish in blue-ming. i've already used it. fell in love with it. would recommend it! i will post a pic at the end of the week for the nail files. i gave myself a pedi with this color and not gonna lie i died over how awesome the color was!!! it's the perfect bright color. and it went on really nicely! i've never used color club and am now a fan.

uber bar from lara bar. this bad boy is in my purse waiting for a rainy day. i love larabars and was super excited to get to try an uber bar!!! we got a ton of free samples when we were in san fran last summer and i've been hooked ever since. go try them.

harvey prince eau flirt. its a bit stronger than what i'm used to. this would be my least fav thing in the box. it smells great just strong for me.

custom birchbox headbuds....heck yeah! i love love LOVE them!!! worn them every day since i got them. they don't fit as well as my apple ones, but they are lime green and hot pink so i'm sporting them anyways!!!

What do you think of my box???
think about joining!!! its a two weekish wait to sign up
go here to get on the list!

happy wednesday friends


  1. Ooo! I was hoping for the mail polish in my box but didn't get one...but I did get the eyeliner and I loved it too! Have a great day!

  2. Why doesn't my earbuds work??!!! Gaaah. I wish they did because I love the color :(
    I love the eyeliner, too!!!! I just wish it was black. I'll probably buy it again...I don't know if I can pull off the purple lol :)
    I wish I got nailpolish!!! Jealous :) Pretty color!
    Happy Wednesday! ox

  3. I loved the eyeliner! It lasted all night!


  4. I got the Alterna Bamboo fluide - it's nice!

  5. I've been wanting that eye liner and haven't gotten it yet! I wish I got something else other than the earbuds! The color is cute, but I use my iPhone ones!

  6. I loved the eyeliner too! I am so jealous of the nail polish, what a neat summer color.

  7. I'm pretty jealous of your polish too, but we got the same liner and earbuds! I thought it was a fun box this month!

  8. you got a great box! i was so excited that i got the nail polish! it's such a pretty color!

  9. I want that nail polish! I love funky/fun colors!

  10. I'm so jealous that you got that nail polish - I looooove the color! It seems perfect for summer :)

  11. Looks like you got a great box!

    xoxo, Emily

  12. So jealous of that nail polish!!

    Stopping by from the link up, happy to be your newest follower <3

    xo, Jersey Girl