Thursday, July 26, 2012


another week has come and gone
and i must say its my first week that i've gotten
bored without working and anxious for finding a teaching position. with all that said it was a week of firsts in the wright household and i'm so beyond thrilled to share our week with you. yes you!!!

[1]i made my favorite dinner this week: black bean burgers, sweet potato fries, roasted carrots, and a peach salad. i'm not a vegetarian but i sure do love some me meatless burgers!!!
[2]still enjoying birthday big red velvet cupcake inside. was eaten by military man and myself in seconds. our first try of gigi's...still doesn't compare to sprinkles but it was delic!
[3]i hit 50 followers on wednesday. woohoo. thank you thank you thank you!
[4]i'm loving spending the weeks with my pups. this is my little nugget australian shepherd...kindof looks like a long haired chihuahua isn't she  cute!! i might be biased!
[5]last but certainly not least...We CLOSED on our very first house!! AHHH. insert big girl pants here. i guess i'm not a kid anymore!!! we still don't move until september but we are thirlled. now the planning of decorating begins. we are thinking of resurfacing our cabinets ourselves...anyone out there done this? thoughts?

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glad to share my favorite moments of the week with you.
what was your fav moments this week?
love to hear from you!!!


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  1. congrats on reaching 50 followers, keep it up! and i love a red velvet cupcake, my man and i would eat that thing in no time at all too. your favorite meal sounds really good

  2. I LOVE black bean burgers! And sweet potato fries! But..I am a vegetarian, so go figure. :) YAY for 50 followers and an even bigger yay for closing in your house! How exciting!

  3. Congrats on closing on your house.....I know you must be soooo excited! I'm excited for you!! Still miss you around here.... :( Ugh, my days would fly by if we sat across from each other! Love raeading your blog!!! hope to chat/type soon:)