Friday, July 20, 2012


 this week went by in warp speed.
and we've got a friend-filled weekend planned.
my fav!

here's my top five of the week:

[1] even though my bday was last week i was still able to relish in this mini duo from sephora and i'm officially hooked. i love the way it smells and the texture when it's on!

[2] military man brought this home for me as a surprise and i am beyond excited about it. 

[3] heb started carrying PB2 which is a dry peanut butter that is bomb.

[4] banana coconut muffins that are out of this world good. recipe from framed frosting

[5] had lunch with my girl friend today and got another birthday freebie from which wich. its now my favorite sandwich shop. so good.

remember the small things about your week
time goes fast
we have to consciously think to be still and enjoy it

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happy friday y'all


  1. Yay I'm going to get that birthday gift from sephora today! I heard its awesome!


  2. oh wow, happy birthday to you dearie! it's awesome that you received a lot of freebies. :)

    i have a link up on my blog that you might be interested in! it's in the link below:

    i found you in h54f and followed you via gfc. i hope you can visit my blog as well. :)

    jen @