Friday, July 6, 2012


it's friday which means 
[a] it's time for high five for friday
[b] it's the weekend before my birthday!!!
H54F is a chance to look back at the week and
remember some of those cherished moments.
big or small.
and i personally think thats pretty important!
life goes at warped speed.
sometimes you just gotta stop.
and smell the roses people!!

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[1]the biggest revelation of the week. i found a great online devotional to do and i'm beyond loving it. the ladies at she reads truth have set this up perfect. give them some love here.
[2]i'm love love loving this necklace!
[3]i got back home monday night from vacay and tuesday roxie and i got back to our tradition of waiting for military man to make it home. favorite part of my day of course!
[4]i finally joined the bandwagon for photo a day and i find it challenging me to come up with something creative.
[5]our best friends are in town for five days. we celebrated our first holiday together!!

happy weekend and remember to stop.
and smell the roses.



  1. I love photo a day! Except today is chair and I'm stumped!!!

  2. I'm getting a pedi today so I'll prob use that lol! Chair is hard!

  3. New follow - Kathy B.
    Hop over and join me your always Welcome!