Wednesday, July 25, 2012

26 in 26

i just hit 26
not old and not young either

living in yellow is doing a link up for a "new years revolution" of goals for your birthday year. pretty perfect timing if i must say so myself. i'm blogging my goals world-must keep me on track! 26 things in the 26th year of my life. i think i'm going to do this each year from here on out. 5 runs. preferably a half marathon included in there
2.try one new recipe a week out at least four days a week, even on vacay weeks
4.lose the last 10 lbs of my goal
5.visit new york
6.make a necklace from pinterest
7.visit Pittsburgh
8.take a vacation with military man. just us.
9.go on a wine tour in texas
10.visit shiner brewery with military man
11.reach 1000 followers....i'm at 50 now. go big or go home!
12.take a cooking class at CIA
13.join the officers wives club on base
14.pass both teaching exams for texas
15.join living in yellows virtual martini club
16.take my niece and nephew to sea world
16.take military man to fiesta texas
17.have a girls only trip
18.make homemade crepes
19.have a girls weekend with my mom
20.keep a daily journal for my scripture reading
21.get involved in a church youth program
22.try out at least one new restaurant a month
23.go to several spurs games vegetarian for a week
25.take the dogs for a walk at least four nights a week
26.fall more and more in love with military man. every day.

what goals do you have for yourself?
keep me accountable. k?
happy thursday!



  1. You're so cute! I would do a list, but I'm super old and I would run out of things that I want to do before I reached my next age... boo.

  2. 11.reach 1000 followers....i'm at 50 now. go big or go home!
    LOVE THIS. I had the same and I have 2 followers haaha australia hasn't quite caught on to the blogging world as much as America and I'm only a newbie to blogging!

  3. Love your list! 1 question... can I come with you on your wine tour? Haha. Glad I found your blog!!!

  4. Love number 19!