Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Menu: May 15th

A good start to the day.... Strawberry Whole Wheat pancakes (with flaxseed and all)!!!!
I also made this delicious cake for work tomorrow!

I have several pre-assembled frozen meals, so I decided to thaw one. Yummy Buffalo Chicken Pasta!!!

Honey Lime Enchiladas with some Dirty Rice.

Dinner with some friends :)

Pasta Shells with Proscuitto and Mushrooms....Yummy! I have a strange addiction to Proscuitto. I love the stuff!

{Last Weeks Review}
{a} Refrigerator bran muffins were amazing! I love that they lasted us all week and I still have leftover batter in the fridge. I split the recipe in half because it was way too much for just the two of us.
{b} The sesame chicken was good, but way too much sauce for my chicken. Def didn't taste like take out sesame chicken but prob much healthier and a great alterantive!!!
{c} Oh the fish tacos~ Delicious, but will never make them again. They made our house smell all week no matter how many scentsy's and candles and vinegar bowls I had.
{d} The mexican lasagna was so good! I will def be leaving out the sour cream next time and may mix in the cream cheese with the tomato sauce mix.
{e} Tuscan Garlic Chicken was good, I thought it was a little flavorless, but it was a very healthy meal with whole wheat noodles and the baked chicken. Thomas really liked it.
{f} The homemade orange rolls I didn't get around to~ maybe this week!!!

{Enjoy a great week}

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