Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays~ WILW

I'm going to try and start a WILW....so every wednesday i will try and post what i'm in love with that day or week....so here's my first one!!!!

{1} I'm loving craftgawker.com. It's a hub for bloggers to post their recent craft blogs. I've found so many adorable things to make. Anywhere from a homemade skirt to a menu frame for the fridge. I'm just in awww of how talented people are!!!

{2} Hershey's drops. Yum. Really that word alone would describe them, but they taste exactly like the hershey's solid easter eggs, which are my fav, but no shell.....which means way better and they are a year round thing!

{3} I am def not pregnant but I saw these adorable diaper covers on ETSY and i'm just dying to get them for a friend sometime. I mean how precious!!!!

{4} Loving my new part time schedule!!! I know once school gets busier it won't be as easy breezy but right now its sooo nice! I never feel rushed on anything. It's great!!!!

{5} Thomas annual dental "prom" is this weekend and I officially still fit in my rehearsal dress from our wedding. SCORE!

{6} That its bright and sunny and about 70 degrees. Pretty perfect here is sunny Arizona!!!


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