Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year, a ton of things to do!

First off, I am so excited for the year. Not knowing what the future holds for us is very exciting!!! Thomas will be applying for his assignments for the air force, I will "hopefully" be getting a part time position at work so I can complete my teaching certificate!!! All is well in the Wright House!!! Another big task we have set for ourselves is to read the bible front to back this year. Thanks to our amazing church, we have a journal that walks us through each day and keeps us on track. This year I want to strengthen my walk with Christ. Pretty exciting stuff, if I say so myself.

With the new year, I'm also starting to organize my craft ideas and recipes I want to try out. I have a few empty spots in the house now that, sadly, the Christmas decor is all down. I'm going to start with some easy stuff. I'll post some links to my future projects for this month. I also want to try to make an adorable scarf!!!! I will have to make it more of a summery scarf....i'm sure the heat will be here soon enough. I am also revamping my recipes. We are trying to cut beef out of our diet. In doing this, we are using a lot more ground turkey and ground chicken for recipes as a sub for beef. Its going pretty well so far. And of course.....I wouldn't be happy without some yummy new desserts to cook up! Wait for pics to come!

New year~ better motivation. I'm going to stay on top of our blog~ posting food and craft pics and of course some of our family!!!

Here are some links of some craft ideas:

Here are some links of some new recipes:

Hope yall enjoy and and are having a Happy New Year!!!

~Thomas and Kristen~

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  1. Hi, Kristen!
    You asked how I attached the burlap...I just cut the burlap to the size of the frame. Then to hold it in place I attached it with glue dots to the back of the frame (or you could use a piece of cut cardboard). Hope that helps! I'd love to see it when you finish!